Special Services

Gailís Fleuressence

Gailís Fleuressence, a division of Straitís Tropical Interiors Inc., provides a complete creative design service for artificial/silk plants, dried/preserved floral arrangements as well as in house ďfauxĒ finishing decorative planters to match the highest interior designers standards.

Gailís Fleuressence provides seasonal displays offering high quality trees and decorations, wreaths, garlands, etc. and the process of fabricating, installing, tearing down as well as storage for your holiday needs.

Gailís Fleuressence was born out of the necessity to provide clients with a variety of plantings ranging from artificial trees to silk and dried floral arrangements, where lighting and other conditions make real flowers impossible to maintain.

Artificial plants provide esthetic and psychological benefits.



A Swedish study in 1993 concluded that if office personnel could view greenery through their office windows, significantly less stress was reported during the working day, compared with office workers who had views to non-vegetated areas, such as streets and parking lots (Fjeld 2002).

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